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When you work with me, you will discover your own unique path to success, happiness, and
fulfilment. I will help you identify and overcome the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back,
and provide you with actionable steps to achieve your goals.

Don't let fear and self-doubt continue to control your life. Take the first step towards a brighter
future by booking a FREE 40-minute Discovery Call with me. During our call, we will discuss your
goals and how my process can help you achieve them.

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you create the life you truly deserve.


My Step-by-Step Process

Modern City

Step One


Book a free discovery call with me today to see if we align, where we’ll discuss what you want to
work on and the goals you want to achieve.


Step Two


I’ll guide you through an easy-to-follow process before, during, and after the session, using
transformational hypnotherapy and coaching techniques.

Image by Razvan Chisu

Step Three


You'll receive a tailored, specially made recording to listen to daily for 28 days, which is designed
to help you achieve your goals and transform your life.

Image by Christina @
Image by Christina @

Step Four

Follow-Up Check-In
& Coaching Sessions

I also offer follow-up check-in and coaching sessions to see how you're doing and to help keep you

RTT is fantastic for reframing negative beliefs and changing negative behaviours. 

Call me today and see how RTT could help you. 

If you require coaching too, I’m a life coach trained by Ajit Nawalkha and Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley.


With coaching, I can help you:

Enable to focus and achieve an optimal, winning mindset.

Get the life that you want for yourself.

Empower you with tools to envision and create a better life.

Give you support while making those life-changing decisions, I’ll be there right with you. Encouraging you all the way!

Call me today and find out how Hypnotherapy and Coaching together or stand alone, can change your life today

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