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Hi I'm Tonia

For 30 years, I served as a firefighter with the London Fire Brigade, staying in positions and stations far too long because I felt comfortable and safe. I watched others have more successful
careers, and wondered what the difference was between us.

It wasn't until I discovered the world of hypnotherapy after retiring from the fire service that I realised it was my mindset and how I felt about myself that held me back. Personal challenges and past experiences kept me stuck in survival mode, afraid to try new things and see opportunities instead of obstacles. After retiring with no direction, I stumbled upon hypnotherapy and found purpose, confidence, and self-esteem that had eluded me most of my life.

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But my journey to this point wasn't easy. I struggled with confidence and self-worth after a challenging childhood, and I was my own worst critic. Joining the London Fire Brigade at 19 gave me a sense of belonging and connection, but personal challenges and the loss of my mother slowly eroded those positive feelings. My romantic relationships were disastrous, reflecting how I felt about myself, until I took a 21-day confidence challenge that eventually led me to pursue clinical hypnotherapy certification. 

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I wish I had known about these tools and resources earlier in my life, which is why I'm so passionate and inspired to be there for people who might feel as I did. Through Transcend with Tonia, I'm here to help you build your confidence, feel less afraid to try something new, and make changes that can and will transform your life.

Ready to Transform
Your Career and Take Back Your Life?

I understand how it feels to be stuck in a career or job that no longer brings you joy or fulfilment.

I also know first-hand the negative impact that low self-esteem and self-doubt can have on your life.

Through my own personal experiences and my training as a clinical hypnotherapist, I have developed a process that helps my clients reframe negative thoughts and beliefs, and shows you how to take control of your career and life.


My approach combines transformational hypnotherapy and coaching to create lasting change and results.

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